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Registering to vote lets you influence
what happens in your community. 

Your vote mattersMake sure the people you support have their voices heard by those in power

There are 3.8m social housing tenants in England and more than 36,000 people living in homelessness accommodation projects. This group has the power to influence society on both a local and national scale.    

Your Vote Matters provides all you need to educate your clients about democracy and prepare them to have their say.

Get started by downloading our activity pack and help your clients register.


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There are upcoming local government, mayoral and police & crime commissioner elections.
Registering also boosts your credit rating. 

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Download the resourcesAnd make sure your clients are heard

We've produced an activity pack that will give you everything you need to run workshops in your service to educate your clients about political process, the new online registration process and how to ensure their voice is heard by those in power.

You can also download a poster to promote your events, a pledge sign for use in selfies and social media graphics to share with your digital audience and join the debate online.